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From senior management to field crews, designers and project managers, we make service our number-one priority. That’s why builders and contractors who count on our experience and our expertise to meet their residential and commercial construction needs keep coming back for more. At Suburban Steel Supply, we remove the obstacles. We control the process. And we’re passionate about what we do. You’ll like doing business with us.


“Hello, Mark,

I am compelled to write today because it is the right thing to do. All too often in our industry and in our business we are so quick to complain and never show any appreciation. I simply cannot do it. I asked Suburban to assist with some railings we needed about a week ago. Rich was on top of it from the beginning making sure I did not release and order anything more or less than what I needed for railings. You made certain they were placed quickly into design and fabrication. Today Mike Woods is out in bitter cold installing them. I sent Mike Woods a text letting him know how much it means to me knowing he is the one out there installing these railings on my Project today. He responded by sending me photos of the work and thanking me.  I’m appreciative to have such a relationship with Suburban Steel. The associates within your Company exceed expectations consistently delivering the highest quality and craftsmanship in everything I have ever asked to have created, fabricated, and installed. And please know this last little order is not a “once and done” event. This level of service has been sustained for over three (3) decades on my projects. Unbelievable!  It sets you, your associates, and Suburban Steel far beyond everyone else and it keeps me coming back time after time.” 

All the very best!


V.P. of Construction/Development

Schottenstein Real Estate Group

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At Suburban Steel Supply, service is the core of our business.

By focusing on the needs of our customers, we have grown to become a leading residential and commercial construction supplier and fabricator in the Midwest.

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